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Welcome to the Burnell Foundation Christian Instruction & Resource Center with access to more than 5,000 original works in the form of books, audio recordings, and lessons. Christian author and teachers George Edwin Burnell, Mary Lamoreax Burnell, and Genevieve Burnell share their love for God and humanity, making sacred teachings accessible to everyone.


George Edwin Burnell was born in Connecticut on July 9, 1863. He was educated in Minneapolis and Chicago, graduated from High School and went to the University of Minnesota; from there he entered Morgan Park Theological Seminary, with the intention of studying for the ministry. Mr. Burnell also studied at the Union Theological Seminary of Chicago, and while there devoted much time to the study of the so-called dead languages, such as Hebrew and Sanscrit. He moved to California, where he became known as a religious educator and authority on sacred literature.  Transcripts of his lectures sold well enough to go into multiple editions and are still available through the Burnell Foundation. The collection of George Edwin Burnell…
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